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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Size represents importantce

In art importance is often represented by size.

This traditions of equating importance and size can be found in very different cultures.

In Ancient Egypt king’s figure usually was taller than wife or servants figures.

On first relief king and his family in exchange for offerings to sun god receive blessing (at the end of rays) represented by life symbol ankh

Next picture is 16th century Russian image of reception in Moscow, which definitely shows that tsar is taller than all other people.

This traditions survives until recently with large than life monuments to important people and huge images of political leaders at political rallies.

Caricatures regularly employs this feature.

Modern art even can over exaggerate this tendency

Art blast after revolutions in Russia early 20 century produced modern painting using very traditional and even obsolete techniques.

Interesting example is a painting by Soviet painter Boris Kustodiev 1920 ‘Bolshevik’, where one man, characteristically not by genealogy, but by political affiliation with the leading party, become much taller than all others, and is beyond the crowd.

If revolutionary art in 20th century implemented features forgotten in modern Europe but traceable to Ancient Egypt, that makes it easy to believe that:

Any new movement in art is a sort of renaissance – awakening of old tradition, not necessarily consciously.


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