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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Most Famous World War 1 Posters (England, USA, Russia)

Different armies used very similar recruiting appeal during WWI and later in Civil War: pointing and stress word YOU

British poster ‘Who is absent? Is it you?’ 1915

"Who's Absent?" Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London, 1915 (September), Andrew Reid & Co., Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne

American poster 'I Want You for the U.S. Army', 1917

By James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960) Lithograph, 1917

“Originally published as the cover for the July 6, 1916, issue of Leslie's Weekly with the title "What Are You Doing for Preparedness?" this portrait of "Uncle Sam" went on to become--according to its creator, James Montgomery Flagg--"the most famous poster in the world." Over four million copies were printed between 1917 and 1918, as the United States entered World War I and began sending troops and matériel into war zones.” (See http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/treasures/trm015.html)

Russian Civil War Poster: ‘Does you volunteer?’ 1919

Dmitry Moor (real name – Orlov) (1883-1946)

In this case not government make an appeal, because government was not popular, but peoples’ representative, ‘comrade’.


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