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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Measuring the Universe – divine status of scientists

Voltaire in his ‘Letters on Newton’ from ‘The Letters on the English’ or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778 gave detailed description of Newton’s results, making Newton look more important than any military or political leader of his time.

This view is actually very close to Plato’s approach that great heroes of his age are not military leaders imitating Achilles, but philosophers like Socrates.

Semi-divine status of philosophers perfectly integrated in William Blake ‘portrait’ of Isaac Newton.

Blake’s Newton is:

a) naked, looking like a well-trained body-building great hero;

b) placed in a very abstract place, he is outside of human’s world;

c) measuring more than just something on paper, he looks like measuring the whole Universe

Blake's painting represents the same value as the medieval French mid-13th century miniature 'God as the Architect of the Universe'.

Surprisingly image of what God is measuring on this painting is similar to images taken by NASA Hubble space telescope


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